April 25th – 1st Month


BIOLOGICAL REFLECTION:  Just as all human life begins at conception, so did the life of Christ. In the first month, the tiny Jesus had all of his DNA and human infrastructure in place. Just 21 days after his conception on March 25, his tiny Sacred Heart manifest itself, beating millions and millions of times more until its last beat on the cross, when It was pierced by the sword of a soldier; and blood and water poured forth in Divine Mercy.  The human heart is the center of life and love. When did your heart beat for the first time?

THEOLOGICAL REFLECTION: Although modern science enables us to see with our eyes the hidden life of a child in the womb, our Christian faith calls us to see with our hearts all little ones, especially the “least among us” in our everyday lives.   In Matthew 25:40, Our Lord tells us “…Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of my brethren, you did it to me.”  Seeing with the heart is an act of love. When we see  “the least” with our heart, we can see and embrace our hidden Lord.  How can our journey with Mary and the hidden Christ help us to see and love all “little ones” in our lives?

Mary, Mother of the Life within, pray for us!

Tiny Lord Jesus, in the womb of Mary, have mercy on us!

2012 Ellen Marie Edmonds. For reprint permission, contact ellen@EmbracingDementia.com

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