December 25th – Birth of the Lord!

MONTH 9 – Christ is Born!

BIOLOGICAL REFLECTIONMonth Nine:  The Birth of Christ!  Now fully developed and ready for life outside the virginal womb of his Mother Mary, little Jesus comes into the world weighing 7 or 8 pounds, measuring about 20 inches long head to toe.  As Baby Jesus feeds at the breast of Mary, we are reminded of our own beginning, as we observe in wonder the mysterious Love of the omnipotent God, who deigned to become human, submitting Himself in dependency to the care of His human mother and mankind, feeding us His very Self, the Eucharist, our Daily Bread.  Yet Jesus, fully Divine, is also fully human. And so, modern science with ultrasound technology provides an amazing gift of blessing to the Church of the 21st Century, as we “virtually” follow the human development of Christ from conception to birth.  Along with intimately sharing in the ordinary marvels of life in the womb, we can now “witness” and “participate” in Christ’s conception (March 25), His Cardiophany, the first beat His Sacred Heart (April 15), and His birth (December 25). 

THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONMonth Nine:  The birth of Christ and the Octave of Christmas lead the faithful to reflect on these words of Blessed Pope John Paul II in his first encyclical “Redemptor Hominis” (par. 1.1-1.2): “Through the Incarnation God gave human life the dimension that he intended man to have from his first beginning; he has granted that dimension definitively  – in the way that is peculiar to him alone, in keeping with his eternal love and mercy, with the full freedom of God…”

  That God the Creator submits to man His creature by becoming creature is a powerful reminder of God’s gift of free will to mankind.   On this “Via Gaudete” pilgrimage, we observed that at the beginning of every human life, the heart begins beating 21 days after the day of conception, before the brain can even function. Then, after a few weeks of being fed by blood pumped from the heart, the brain takes control and the heart submits to the brain – until that very last heartbeat… when the body submits to the heart, signaling the beginning of Eternal life.  

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