June 25th – 3rd Month


BIOLOGICAL REFLECTION -Month Three: As we reflect on the first three months of Christ’s life in the womb, we see that his tiny fingers, hands, and mouth could move and He could rollover.  It is interesting to note that a child in the womb is able to roll over as early as the second month in the womb. Yet after the child is born, the effects of gravity and the absence of amniotic fluid require so much more strength that rolling over typically does not occur until 10 to 20 weeks after birth!

The female child at three months already has an identifiable uterus, ovaries, and immature reproductive cells replicating within the ovary.  At 12 weeks, the baby sucks, swallows, grasps, opens and closes the mouth, yawns, hiccups, and responds to touch.  By this time, 75% of babies exhibit right-handedness in thumb-sucking and facial touch, which is the earliest evidence of right/left handed behavior.  It would have been the same for each of us, and the same for our Lord in the womb.

I wonder if little Jesus, from within Mary’s womb, might have granted little John his first “apostolic blessing” at Ein Karim in the hill country of Judah, at the moment of John’s birth, which the Church celebrates on June 24.

THEOLOGICAL REFLECTION – Month Three: When one reflects upon the remarkable period of time that Christ, and every human being, lived hidden in the mother’s womb, one encounters the extraordinary mystery of Divine Providence and the Spirit of God’s Love hidden deep within every human heart.  It is that same Divine Love which God reveals to mankind in the person of his son, Jesus Christ, throughout his human life, from the moment of his conception in the virginal womb of Mary and with the first beat of his Sacred Heart. In the liturgical year, the month of June brings a powerhouse of solemnities and feast days, which celebrate and nurture the faithful with fundamental teachings of Christ’s Church.  Some years begin with the celebration of Pentecost, followed by Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi Sunday. Then there is the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart on Friday, followed by the feast of the Immaculate Heart on Saturday.  The Nativity of John the Baptist is particularly significant to Christ’s third month of life in the womb of Mary.

And so, this third month of the “Via Gaudete” with Mary and Jesus is framed beautifully by the month of June and the parallel of devotions and dogmas pertaining specifically to the life of Christ and Mary, reminding the faithful of the Creator’s tender love for His creatures, even in the womb.

  Indeed, every human being is a mysterious and hopeful reminder of the infinite love, mercy, and omnipotence of our divine Lord.  It is good, therefore, to remember the words Gabrielle spoke to Mary:  “For with God nothing will be impossible.”  Then each one, in faith and hope, can proclaim with Mary, “Let it be to me according to your word.”

Mary, Mother of the Life Within, pray for us!

Heart of God in the Virgin Womb, have mercy on us!

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