May 25th – 2nd Month


BIOLOGICAL REFLECTION -Month Two:  From the moment of conception, Jesus ‘ entire genetic platform existed, nearly 25,000 genes from which his human body and features formed, grew and developed.  Organs are present and have begun to function. His tiny Sacred Heart is bulging and has been beating since 21 days after conception, pumping blood to all other organs.  His heart beats twice as fast as his mother Mary’s. His tiny fingers can grip objects, and he hiccups!  Our own human life developed the same way, and began at the moment of our conception.  Do you know when your own life began?   If you are an expectant mother, did you know your baby might hear your voice, and even the baby’s father’s voice when he speaks or sings near your tummy?

THEOLOGICAL REFLECTION – Month Two:  In his full divinity, the tiny Sacred Heart was full of love for the Father and for every human being.  Mary’s motherly love nurtured Jesus from the moment she told the Angel Gabriel “Be it done to me.”  Wrapped in Mary’s womb and in her Immaculate Heart, the little Christ dwelt among us as the Hidden God who came to save the world.  Thank you Jesus, for loving us so much that you would humble yourself to become human and live hidden from the world in the womb of The Virgin, as you live hidden in the Eucharist of Love.  Oh hidden Lord, bless with your tiny hand all those who are little, especially those hidden in Alzheimer’s and dementia disease and those who are “the least among us.”

Mary, Mother of the Life Within, pray for us!

Heart of God in the Virgin Womb, have mercy on us!

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