November 25th – 8th Month


BIOLOGICAL REFLECTIONMonth Eight  – With one month to go, Little Jesus weighs nearly six pounds now.  Like a newborn, His eyes are open when awake and closed when asleep.  His brain continues rapid growth, increasing the size of his head nearly an inch.  As fat accumulates, his skin color becomes less red and more pinkish.  All five senses are functional.  Toenails are completely formed.  His hair continues to grow.  His mother Mary’s tummy is quite large now! As the time of birth nears, her heart must be swelling with great anticipation of seeing His holy little face. As Little Jesus enters a rapid growth spurt, Mary’s appetite will increase.  Meanwhile, Joseph and grandparents Anne and Joachim wait with infinite joy, as choirs of angels surround Mother and Child with love and glorious hymns.

THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONMonth Eight:  On this Via Gaudete we encounter our tiny God, Emmanuel.  We ponder the mystery of the hidden Christ, present and dwelling in the tabernacle of Mary’s virginal womb. We see Him with our hearts and our senses, in faith and in reasoning. Yet, in our humanity we long for the visible Christ, the omnipotent and omnipresent God who deigned to incarnate and become man.  In faith, love, and humble gratitude, then, let us enter the holy season of Advent with wide eyes and child-like anticipation of the glorious birth of our Messiah: the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.

Mary, Mother of the Life Within, pray for us!

Heart of Mercy in the Virgin’s Womb, we trust in you!

May the Heart of God in the Virgin’s Womb

Be praised, adored, and loved

With grateful affection,

By every heart,

Always and everywhere,

For the glory of God the Father,

In the power of the Holy Spirit,

With Mother Mary.  Amen!

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