October 25th – 7th Month


BIOLOGICAL REFLECTIONMonth Seven:  Little Jesus, weighing about 3 pounds, would be getting plumper, with about 2.5% body fat. His heartbeat is well developed and would already be a good indication of His general condition, just as it is after birth.  The brain is in rapid development now, and his memory is formed.  He knows the rhythm and melody of mother’s voice.  It is likely that little Jesus heard, enjoyed, and remembered the many prayers and songs of his mother Mary, which He could already hear!  His lungs, not yet fully developed, are capable of breathing air, although it would be a struggle to breathe if born now. His toenails are growing, and his bone marrow now makes red blood cells.

THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONMonth Seven: In October the Church’s liturgical calendar celebrates the lives and the faith of so many saints, as well as the Holy Guardian Angels.  In fact, as one contemplates the life of Christ in the womb, one can envision the myriad of angels that must have surrounded the Virgin Mary and her Holy Child within.  Of all the great saints remembered in October, it is St. Therese – the Little Flower, a Doctor of the Church, who teaches us the great mystery of the little way.  But ultimately, it is Mary, the Mother of Christ, and her most powerful rosary prayer, which draws us into her womb to discover her Hidden Treasure, the tiny Heart of God, inviting us to see and embrace and love Him from his first moment of life.  Then, prayerfully following all the mysteries of the rosary – the Joyful, the Luminous, the Sorrowful, and the Glorious – we live out the life of Christ through the eyes and the heart of His mother.  This month of October honors Our Lady of the Rosary, Mary, who begs us to pray the rosary for peace as it leads us to intimacy with her Son Jesus.  It is Mary who reminds us of the bountiful graces that await all of us who ask, seek, and knock; for it is the promise of her son, Jesus the Christ, who promises, “it shall be opened.”

Mary, Mother of the Life Within, pray for us!

Heart of Mercy in the Virgin’s Womb, we trust in you!

May the Heart of God in the Virgin’s Womb

Be praised, adored, and loved

With grateful affection,

By every heart,

Always and everywhere,

For the glory of God the Father,

In the power of the Holy Spirit,

With Mother Mary.  Amen!

2012 Ellen Marie Edmonds.  For reprint permission, contact ellen@EmbracingDementia.com

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