April 15th – The Cardiophany (First Heartbeat) of The Lord

When we look at human development in its earliest stages through the eyes of faith we get a better understanding of how much God really loves and desires to be one with His children. This is the hidden God becoming man as Christ grew in the womb of His mother, Mary. The difference however is that Christ’s incarnation happened without the presence of man’s sperm. It was though the Holy Spirit that Mary conceived in her womb. (Lk 1:34-35) But the interdependency of mother and child began nevertheless as the child Jesus grew in the womb just like every one of us. These mother-child bonds go beyond the physical to the spiritual because Mary is not only a human mother but a mother of the Divine.

We should pay special attention in the first three to four weeks following conception to the development of the heart. As the tiny, hidden Sacred Heart of Jesus begins to beat within His mother’s womb we can only imagine the joy she must have felt when she visits her cousin Elizabeth who is six months pregnant with John the Baptist. The image below taken from the video is what the Sacred of Jesus would have looked like in the fourth week following conception.