March 25th – The Conception and Incarnation of The Lord!

March 25: When God became man and dwelt among us! The Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary, and announced that she would conceive in her womb, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Mary’s Fiat, her yes, “Be it done to me according to Thy word.” The Incarnation, the Conception of our Lord, the tiny human being, living in the womb of his mother Mary those first nine months. The Conception of Our Lord was so significant in the history of salvation, the history of humanity, that God sent an angel to announce the event beforehand. That moment of conception when our God became incarnate, became a human being, is indeed so significant that we are all called in Love to prepare our hearts and our mind to embrace the moment, to join with Mary in giving our personal “yes” to God! We are all called to recognize and embrace our tiny Savior, Emanuel, from his earliest moment of human life. We are called in Love, to recognize and rejoice at the very first beat of His tiny Sacred Heart! We are blessed to see Him… to be pilgrims with Mary and the hidden Jesus for His first nine months, in great anticipation of his birth on Christmas Day! And so, let the Great Fiat begin!

“This is really going to open up new dialogue. I never even thought about the time Jesus lived in Mary.”

--- Rev. Mike McLemore, Executive Director – Birmingham Baptist Association

Pope Benedict XVI, final papal address to the Cardinals;

“…The Church lives, grows and awakens within souls, who – like the Virgin Mary – accept the Word of God and conceive it by the power of the Holy Spirit. They offer to God their own flesh and, in their very poverty and humility, become capable of giving birth to Christ today in the world.” (February 27, 2013 - 2 weeks after conclusion of Via Gaudéte series)

Exclusive Interview from the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama Catechetical Institute

“You have created a ‘theological ultrasound” of Our Lord…”

--- Fr. John Paul Kimes, Maronite Presbyter, Supreme Tribunal – Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

“I’ve read your entire series – it’s wonderful. Congratulations!”

---Archbishop Joseph Marino, Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia

“On behalf of Mother Angelica, thank you for the statue of Christ in the Womb at 12 Weeks… Mother loved the Baby – she smiled so beautifully and gave it a loving kiss. Thank you for everything – God bless you!”

--- Sister Mary Michael, P.C.P.A. and all the Nuns (February 2013)